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Vintage General Electric Exposure Meter Model 8DW58Y4 No. Does anyone know anything about this meter? Null or zero pointer meters are aligned to a central "null" position (e.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vintage GE Exposure Light Meter Model 8DW58Y4, Photography, Working at the best online prices at eBay! 3 The DW-49 photographic exposure meter 2. A Vintage General Electric Exposure Meter Type DW / 6 8 Still In Box With Manual. SBC sensors respond quickly enough to evaluate flash intensity. It has a door on the front for measuring in darker rooms so more light can come in. GE exposure meter instruction manual. It was made by General Electric around 1950 and is known as the DW-68. Shipped with USPS First Class.

Mechanical scale. It is still functioning. Vintage General Electric 8DW-47Y-111 Exposure (Light) Meter 1937 with Case and Manual 8DW47Y was General Electric&39;s first exposure meter for photography made in the end of 1937 This Model GE Meter is Very Rare to find.

The hood also comes off. The earliest built-in meters had no coupling to the camera&39;s shutter or aperture settings. The photographer was expected to set both manually, based on the reading given.

They fell out of fashion once most SLRs began to include built-in exposure meters, in the 50s, but are still. 1945 Vintage GE General Electric Type 213 Light Meter Hectolux Footcandles Tested . General Electric Model 8DW58Y4 Ambient Light Meter JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Appliance manuals and free pdf instructions. The first camera to include a built-in meter was the 1935 Zeiss Ikon Contaflex (TLR), using a selenium cell. In a photographic studio incident readings will usually be used since the contrast range is carefully controlled. It is in the Original Box with all the Original Operating Instructions Pamplet GEJ-1138B and GED-7445 it is in good condition and works. Taking a reflected reading general electric exposure meter model 8dw58y4 manual from an 18% grey card is equivalent to an incident reading. It&39;s 3 dials show f-stop, shutter speed, and exposure index. The meter housing is Bakelite, but the hood is made of die-cast metal (as is true of all further members of the series).

GE general electric light values exposure meter model 8DW58Y4. The meter reads out 0 to 70 foot-candles and the cover opens to let in 10x more light. When covered with "insect eye" lenses to give directivity, they dominated the appearance of many mid-century cameras.

9 General Electric Exposure Meter (Model 8DW58Y4) in leather case. Many digital meters also display an analog like scale of the aperture setting to the nearest half stop. For negative film, reflected measurement is often preferred since final image intensity can be adjusted in the enlargement process. See full list on camera-wiki. It is made of all black steel with a real glass display. In 1892 the company was reorganized as the General Electric Company. · Someone asked the other day about the GE exposure meter.

Actinometerswere the first exposure meters. By measuring the amount of light on a scene, this tool gives you an accurate reading. · This is the General Electric (GE) DW-68 selenium cell exposure meter circa 1950. PLEASE NOTE: THE HOLDER TO ATTACH THIS METER TO THE CAMERA OR TRAYIS BROKEN OFF (SEE SECOND PHOTO). " This meter can be used as a 8dw58y4 photo-exposure meter, as a darkroom meter and as a light meter. source light) using a translucent dome, which eliminates variations due to the subject. .

By using reflected measurement, especially the zone system, a greater range of shadow to highlight detail may be recorded. You&39;ll find new or used products in GE Photography Light Meters on eBay. Ge Type 214 Light Meter Manual - opens in new window or tab Light Meter Photography. This General Electric exposure meter (for film or plates) was made from 1945 to 1950 and uses a selenium on silicon solar cell. Variations in the preparation of the plate, chemicals used, age of the chemicals, and how the plate would be developed would all affect the exposure required. Digital meters do not have any mechanical component and display exposure settings digitally. Shop eBay for great deals on GE Photography Light Meters. Its 3 dials show f-stop, shutter speed, and exposure index.

Subscribe: sub_confirmation=1 You will learn how operate a vintage light meter. Multiple "insect eye" lenses covering the photocell are very characteristic of a selenium meter. Vintage General Electric Exposure Light Meter Model 8DW58Y4 w/ Leather Case View Catalog Passed. Gossen Profisix). KODAK TOURIST II 8DW58Y4 Camera Meter Specifications. - Sunbeam 120 is a bakelite box camera from Herold Products Company successor to Spartus Camera circa 1953. Comes in the original leather case as well. The time to darken a piece of such paper until it matches a standard tint is the input value for the scales on which an appropriate shutter-speed/aperture combination for the light situation can be found.

8DW58Y4 general electric exposure meter model 8dw58y4 manual for sale) NO. Vintage KODAK TOURIST II folding camera, Godot lens, flash Jordon shutter, general electric exposure meter, model 8DW58Y5 a82266, American standard speed number, made in usa. Vintage General Electric light meter model 8DW58Y4 circa. Maker: General Electric Model: DW-58 Circa: 1946 Price (new): . com : 1952 General Electric G. The meter reads out 0 to 70 foot-candles and t.

This General Electric exposure meter (for film or plates) was made from 1945 to 1950 and uses a selenium on silicon solar cell. Certain types of light meters are typical professional photographic tools: 1. I&39;m happy to say that I was impressed.

The Chens Friday, Ap The User&39;s Review: General Electric GE 8DW58Y4 Exposure Meter, c. General Electric Corp made these light meters between 19. Maker: General Electric Model: DW-48 Circa: 1940 Price (new): . Vintage General Electric GE Exposure Light Meter 8DW58Y4 & Leather Case working Used. Selenium metershave not disappeared entirely as they are the only type not requiring a battery. Used Light Meters & Light Meter Accessories If you need to nail exposure, a light meter for photography is your best friend. I wanted to keep the spirit of the time: camera lens and exposure meter from the same period (around 1950).

Another early meter, the extinction meter, depends on eyesight: the user looks through the meter at a row of numbers, each behind a celluloid window of different opacity, the highest or lowest visible number determining which light situation is given. GE EXPOSURE METER : MODEL 8DW58Y4. a small door on the top(? Vintage 1950&39;s GE Guardian Exposure/Light Meter Type PR-2 w/ Original Manual.

Revere 8 (Model B-61) in case with accessories Argus Super Eight Camera (Model 814) Keystone 8mm Camera (Capri K-25) Kodak Brownie 8mm Turret f/1. Mechanical scale (analog) meters usually have a large and distinctive circular scale, however some have a linear scale. Free shipping on selected items. · General Electric (GE) is one of the biggest companies of the United States of America, originally established in 1890 by Thomas A. Vintage General Electric GE Exposure Light Meter 8DW58Y4 & Leather Case. The meter display can be the classic moving pointer, which may have a follow pointer to align the exposure scale. Extinction meters.

It is essentially a 2D incident meter with a hood. Up for your consideration are two vintage light exposure meters 1940&39;s general electric exposure meter model 8dw58y4 manual vintage GENERAL ELECTRIC exposure meter, model no. Make Offer - Vintage Working Exposure Meter General Electric Model 8DW58Y4 w/Case Cir. They typically had the shape of a pocket watch and used light sensitive photo general electric exposure meter model 8dw58y4 manual print paper as means of measuring. This scale must first be aligned to the measured illuminance, but then the entire range of exposure settings can be read off.

50 Cell type: Selenium Measure type: combination Reflecting/Averaging, 2D Incident. . A few electronic meters use an LED array for. Later, more sensitive meters were made, with Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) photo resistors or silicon photodiodes (PD, or SBC; &39;silicon blue cell&39;) as sensors. General Electric Exposure Meter (Model 8DW58Y4 no. They were used to measure light and figure out the correct exposure for cameras that did not have internal light meters. Janu Canandaigua, NY, US Request more information.

com : GE general electric light values exposure meter model 8DW58Y4 : Everything Else. Free delivery for many products! For reversal (slide) film or electronic cameras incident light measurement is usually preferred since final image intensity depends only on the captured intensity. 00 Cell type: Selenium Measure type: combination Reflecting/Averaging, 2D Incident GE made a raft of these things and there&39;s barely a dime&39;s worth a difference between them. Built in camera meters always measure reflected light, with variations due to reflectivity of the subject, which is why exposure compensation is provided. 8DW58Y4 8DW58Y4 GENERAL Meter ALPEX Vintage ELECTRIC Light Exposure. The meter seems to be working, but I can not guarantee you an accuracy. Finally, gallium arsenide and silicon photodiodes were adopted, for their faster response rate.

Analog measuring instruments with a selenium cell as voltage source were the most common early type of photoelectric light meter. To give sufficient sensitivity, a selenium cell requires a certain surface area (roughly postage-stamp sized). Later meters were "semi-coupled": meter readings were adjusted according to one of the camera&39;s settings, and the readout indicated how the user should set the other. This Light Meter made by General Electric Model 8DW58Y4 appears to have been made in 1946, It is 3 meters in one a Photo-Exposure Meter, a Darkroom Meter and a Light Meter.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Condition is Used. · Weston Products Weston Master 4 Exposure Meter Model 745 Instructions For Using online manual for free. This particular meter still works and is (mostly) accurate. Pr-1 Incident Light Attachment with Synchronized Trident Analyzer with Original Box and Manual Booklet "How to Use Your Typr Pr-1 G. A few words about the GE 8DW58Y4 DW-58 exposure meter. Finally, both aperture and shutter speed settings were coupled. Find the user manual you need for your home appliance products and more at ManualsOnline.

B26934) in leather case. "For film or plates/Use exposure index /American Standard speed number. Comes with good 625 battery, original manual and in the box.

Other extinction meters have a pattern visible through the eyepiece, and a control varies the amount of light allowed into the device until the pattern can only just be seen; the position on the control then indicates the exposure. General Electric Exposure Meter Model Number - 8DW58Y4 Serial Number - C90280 It is black, 2"X4", one meter that measures in light values (foot candles) 0-70.

General electric exposure meter model 8dw58y4 manual

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