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Picking up the Series 70. In 1924 the mainspring housing was redesigned with an arch and the grip safety tang was lengthened. (There are other, smaller nuances but those are the big differences. With the gas of fired cartridges driving colt 1911 45 government pre 70 series owners manual back the slide to eject the spent cartridge casing, the pistol was self-loading from a box, spring-fed magazine holding seven rounds inserted and locked in the pistol’s handle. The two guns pictured on this page are both MKIV Series 70 Government Model Colts in.

It was Colt&39;s 150-year anniversary so the medallions made note of that. The safety is the most commonly discussed and noteworthy change, though. Get Your Colt 1911 Today! (read more) Gun :.

45ACP pistols purchased in 1915. Manuals and Logbooks. After those changes, the military renamed it the M1911A1. A large part of how they managed that task was the way they bound their bodies tightly to slow potential bleeding and self-medicated w.

45 ACP or the M1911A, the most iconic handgun of all time. Series 70 Colt Government Model; Singer 1911A1; Springfield Armory AMU National Match. Colt 1911, 1911A1, 1991, Government, MKIV, Gold Cup, Commander in. A tribute to the revered Commercial Government Model pistols of the past, the 1911 Classic features the Series 70 firing system and rollmarks, national match barrel, staked on front sights, and spurred hammer. Colt O1070BSTS Government 45 5" Bright Stainless Steel. A good-looking combat carry gun, in excellent condition.

Plenty of reviews are done for 1911s from all kinds of manufacturers, but we don’t seem to see as many honest-to-goodness Colts put through their paces. In 1992 Colt introduced the Enhanced Government Models which included new features such as a flattop slide, angled rear slide serrations, scalloped ejection port, combat style hammer, beaver. Colt Government 1911 A1 series 70 pistol 5”. 8B70 5" bbl with an excellent bore.

00: 11d 5h 58m. Colt Classic 1911 Series 70 Government Model Semi Auto Pistol (Blue) Specifications and Features: Colt. Quality is the biggest factor in the performance of any gun and if your 1911 is well made you’re good to go. 45 ACP: Government: 5-inch barrel, 8+1 capacity (originally 7+1).

Read the instructions, warnings and cautions in this manual carefully before using this firearm. Colt 1911 2 TONE GOVERNMENT MODEL MK IV/SERIES 70 -. Colt&39;s Manufacturing Company - firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers.

45; Texas Ranger Matt Cawthon’s M1911; The Guns of the Dillinger Gang; WWI Navy and Marine 1911’s; Historic. 45acp parts in blue and colt 1911a1 and series 70 and series 80 parts in stainless steel. Most people think of the difference between a owners Series 70 and Seriesas being all about the safety. Customized Series 70 current model with textured grip frame, grooved slide top, upgrade parts, Cerakote finish and G10 grips. 1911 government 70 ejector, matte stainless. MEPROLIGHT sights, like our other self-illuminated products & devices take maximum advantage of tritium light colt 1911 45 government pre 70 series owners manual sources - the fail-safe, maintenance-free light sources that don’t require any external source of energy and provides up to 15 years of usable light under all weather. 45; Texas Ranger Colt.

I’m an equal-opportunity gun lover. 00: 11d 9h 28m. 7) Colt M1911 Norwegian: Colt S/N C18501 to C18850 and Norway S/N 1 to 5000 = June 1915 to WW II (400 Colt 1911’s. It has a 5 inch barrel with a rear serrated black slide. 00 9d 13h 4m: Colt 1911A1,Transition Military -. In fact, if you look back at the decade-plus spanning the Moro Rebellion you realize it was an early edition of insurgency. If it goes bang odds are I’ll find a use for it (well, unless it’s a tiny caliber, but I digress). Manufactured from 1970 – 1976 this polished nickel plated firearm retains a an excelle.

Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay. Gonzaullas’ Colt. As you can see in the pictures today’s Series 70 guns have the same barrel bushing as the Series 80s.

The platform’s title is a dead giveaway to the year the gun went into production but did you know there’s a cool backstory, too? May 1917, 300 Colt 1911. Add to My Saved Parts.

More ColtGovernment Pre 70 Series Owner&39;s Manual videos. Colt Mark IV Series 70. 38 and 9mm, Officer&39;s Model. Colt O1970CCS 1911 Competition 70 Series Single 45 ACP 5" 8+1 Blue. The differences between Colt 1911 Models in.

Keep in mind the Series 70 guns you find today are more 70-ish than 70-true. What is a colt classic 1911? . 45 ACP Government Model is like déjà vu all over. See more results. All guns submitted for the trials were required to have manual safeties and grip safeties which the M1911 has, as you know.

1911 government/commander 7-rd magazine. ProMag COL03N ColtAutomatic Colt Pistol (ACP) 8 rd Nic $ 15. It’s true that seems to be the most noteworthy change made but there was more. COLT 1911/CMMDR XP FIRING PIN SPRING Pak of 3 - . Great deals on Colt Gun Manuals. Part of the requirements of the military’s 1906 pistol trials had to do with.

Firearms manufacturers were being sued at rather dramatic levels, so the manufacturers decided to change up the 1911 platform. COLT 1911 Government, 7 RD, 45 ACP Factory Magazine, Blue. The Colt Classic 1911 Series 70 Government Model is the series which features the legendary Series 70 firing system ensuring that this particular 1911 is a faithful reproduction of Government models manufactured prior to WWII.

45 ACP, this firearm is a pure and simple 1911, designed for you to make it your own. What is the bore of a 1911 Colt Mark IV? COLT 1911/CMMDR XP FIRING PIN SPRING Pak of 10 - . By describing non Colt 1911 handguns as series 70 or 80, it makes it easier to. Do you have a preferred styl. The first automatic, magazine-fed pistol adopted by the U. The Series 80 was created by changing the Series 1970 firing pin safety (or lack thereof).

The story goes that many decades ago Colt sold the M1911A1 to civilians as the “Colt Government Model,” a. colt (in stock) 3. eBay Is Here For You with Money Back Guarantee and Easy Return. Aside from the Series 80 safety, collet barrel bushing and stainless finish your Government Model was the same as any other Colt 1911. · The 1911 has come a long way since Colt&39;s original 1911 Government Model. This accurized 1911 Colt features a Gutridge Rib with a graduated white line ramp running the enti.

· The gun up for review is a newly-manufactured Colt 1911 Government Model. Overall I am very pleased with it, although once again I&39;m still a bit disappointed Colt didn&39;t go all the way and make a true pre-Series 70 reproduction since with this pistol they were nearly there. The big differences are in the firing pin safety block and the hammer shelf found on the 80s. 45 ACP (C16557) ,850. This is the perfect opportunity to wax poetic about firearms history for a bit.

I have both Series 70 and Series 80 guns in my collection. Please post your best safety tips and shooting advice, since that&39;s what these clips a. 3mm chamber unlock spring grip. 45 caliber purchased and issued to Norwegian Navy. (Automatic Colt Pistol) cartridge. See full list on pewpewtactical.

1911 GOVERNMENT, 1911A1 GOVERNMENT SERIES 70. 38 Super; Springfield NRA; Suppressed M1911A1 from WWII; Swenson Commander; Texas Ranger Capt. This Colt Model MK IV Series 70 Gold Cup National Match is a semi-auto pistol in. Colt 9mm 1911 Factory Magazine 9 Round Pre Owned. It depends on the gun. ” The Juramentados were wildly zealous and single-minded in their desire to murder every Christian they could find.

Colt pre 70 series National Match later know as a Gold Cup National Match. . Colt 1911 Full Size Government/Commander 7 Round Magazine. So yes, changes were made to. 1911 government magazines. In 1917, Norway obtained licence to manufacture it’s M1911 pistols.

I like them all, but the Series 70s are my favorites. 45 and Delta Elite 10mm. The Moros were Muslims residing in the Southern Philippines and the conflict in question was the Philippine-American War, which came about as part of the Spanish-American War.

This pistol is a tribute to the Classic 1911&39;s featuring pre-70 series roll-marks, a national match barrel and staked on front sights with a spurred hammer. Basically, when the trigger is pressed a slim metal lift in the frame of the Seriesraises up and presses a safety plunger located in the slide, deactivating the firing pin block and allowing the gun to fire. In effect, the return to the pre-Series 80 system at Colt is a return to the Series 70 style guns and earlier M1911A1s. The manual is the same as for a Series 70 O1970A1CS. The ML10776 is a fixed set of sights with a stake-on front sight for use on all ‘80 & ‘90 series Colt Pistols.

It’s a fun gun to hold and aim with just as much as it is to shoot. Back in the late 1800’s – and I mean really late, as in 1899 – the United States was involved in a battle with the Moros. COLT 1911 GOVERNMENT MODEL 45 ACP PISTOL (1950 YEAR MODEL). xs sight systems (in stock).

Firing Pin Springs - Extra Power 26101 COLT 1911/CMMDR XP FIRING PIN SPRING Pak of 1 - . Defender: 3-inch barrel, 7+1 capacity. Colt Mark IV Series 70 Government. As the M1911 saw greater use changes were made. Get Colt 1911 With Fast and Free Shipping on eBay. Army, the Colt M1911 is a single action, semi-automatic, recoil-operated pistol chambered for the.

Factory Colt SeriesGovernment Model 38. Right side of Colt 1911 serial number 446933. Colt Auto Pistols 1911 Government Series 70 (O Frame) Magazines.

Colt Model 1911 Black Army serial numberThis 1911 was probably shipped September, 1918. 0 (1) dxt big dot sights for colt 1911. What is a Colt Model 70?

colt 1911 45 government pre 70 series owners manual Oh, and the Series 70 was not the original M1911 platform or the M1911A1 it was the result of decades of changes and improvements. Fast & Free shipping on many items! This 1911 is for the purest who prefers a simple 1911 throwback blast from the past. This was accomplished by adding a firing pin block that could only be moved colt 1911 45 government pre 70 series owners manual out of the way by the aforementioned trigger press. ) If you haven’t spent time running 1911s, get on it.

· Colt Gold Cup National Match (pre-Series 70) Colt Gold Cup MKIII National Match Colt 1911A1 AMU (Army Marksmanship Unit) Colt 1911 Argentine DGFM Colt 1911 Argentine-Made Ballester Molina Colt Brazilian Models 1911A1 Colt 1911A1 MKIV Series 70 Government Model Colt 1911A1 MKIV Series 70 Gold Cup National Match Colt 1911 Series 70 Service Model WWI. THERE IS A VERY NICE 1911 VINTAGE HAMMER AND SEAR IN ORIGINAL COLT BLUE. 5-inch barrel, 6 and 7+1 capacity. · Colt fans will argue that series only apply to Colt and any other manufacture claiming series 80 are really just stating it has a firing pin block and mechanism, Colt clones retain many of the differences that are seen in a series 70 vs 80 Colt 1911. 45 ACP caliber pistol.

Colt 1911 45 government pre 70 series owners manual

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